Shh! I’m being stealth…

I had forgotten how much I loved the OC. Readers from the start of last year, or who read my 08obsessions post will remember this and this post on the subject. For new readers, you can check those out, but I shall tell you now, it was scarily bad. In a way, it was worse than my JB obsession because there were so many different dynamics and people to talk about. We even created our own ‘OC’ characters, naming classmates after various people. Only Zach and Ryan ever stuck though, and we had to change it after they cottoned on to who we were talking about. It is just so good!
Last night we had the epic sleepover at toongs house and ended up watching eight episodes of season two. Those eight episodes were just so amazing, I don’t know where to start. There was the DJ/Marissa relationship, The Chrismukkah that almost wasn’t, Lindsey, Zach, Seth being ‘stealth’ and Sandy and Kirsten’s 20th wedding anniversary, just to name some epic highlights. I haven’t watched any OC since my marathon in December, but even then it was only season four (which, in my opinion is the best. Taylor and no Marissa, what more could you want). I don’t think I’ve watched any season two since this time last year; utter craziness.
What’s your favourite OC memory/moment?

frangipani princess xoxo

4 thoughts on “Shh! I’m being stealth…

  1. I love Seth being stealth. I always forget all the other good bits though. Umm, there’s the whole ending, marissa dying, ummm, pretty much all the ryan/taylor+seth/summer parts. oh and the captain oats/princess sparkel parts. Gosh that is a good show.. Xoxo.. Toongen

  2. i loveee ryannn! :Dhaha what a coincidence! i just got myself a copy of a backdated Girlfriend, featuring all the OC characters on the cover! remember those days?? haha when all GF and Dolly ever published was covers of the oc stars?? i was just reminiscing about it… and now it’s all Gossip Girl stars! lol. how things change, and crazes, too. xx

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