Oh. My. Blog.

Frangipani Princess is in DOLLY! Unfortunately, T-Swift is gracing the cover, but we can look past that and straight to page 86. Hopefully people take the time to visit after reading the article, and hopefully people enjoy what I have written. A massive thank you to Millie Chandler and everyone else on the DOLLY team who gave me this awesome opportunity 😀
Go buy yourself a copy guys and look at how far frangi has come from *gasp* my text-speaking early posts. Click on the pictures for a larger copy, I’m in the far right on the second pic.
The rest of the issue is pretty good, I must admit I skipped over the psychic special though; who honestly takes time to seriously believe in that stuff? If there’s enough interest, I’ll do a full review later.
frangipani princess xoxo

10 thoughts on “Oh. My. Blog.

  1. Haha, comment fights. Me n Maddi were talking about those the other day. El’s reading the article now. You’re lucky I put a freaking bra on to go buy that. M and Popqueen are also out. I bought M might go back and buy popqueen later, they both have mega JB posters..Xoxo.. Toongen..

  2. Hey =]I only just read your kind comment on my blog (im so slow, sorry for the late reply).Um, it’s kinda funny actually, I heard about you from the Dolly magazine, I got it 2 weeks ago (it gets sent) and i’m like ‘yay, someone about my age on blogspot’so yeah, thats how I found you =]yeah i honestly don’t like miley much either–hahaha, thats kinda funny….but I made the blog coz I think she has a really good style.Oh, and congratulations on getting in DOLLY! x

  3. GEORGIA!As you know I was camping and I bolted to the Hat Head general store (its like 1m squared) and I saw the Dolly magazines being delivered.I had to then ask an Asian man who could not quite understand me if I could have the mag and he was like yes, later later. I said ‘No now now!’So I got it.And I’m proud of you.And I’m disappointed about your text speak!Hahahaha love you xxxx

  4. gg!congrats! this is so cool!If I'm not wrong I remember reading your interview with GWAS back then, yeah? That's long ago on frangi, but you're doing even more awesome stuff.Definetely agree on your advice "If you dance,play 5 instruments & work part time all at once…" We know how consuming blogging is. It's still fun though!I hope you had a good Easter weekend. xoxo, C.

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