Outrage in the JB fan circle?

I have American facebook ‘friends’ and twitter followers/people I follow who are big JB fans. I came home from the movies today and their status’ were things like:
“it’s gonna be pure amusement for the boys to clear this all up, goodluck boys. honestly. your losing fans. i’m DONE.
“okay, over it….. i realised i dont care that much…just feel bad for teenies, thyre going to cry, and he will be spat on in the street. oh i really wanna see the damage control thy’re going to spew this time :)”
“if its true then i hate you, end of, sorry but thats a really horrible thing to do……jerk.”
“a. i love camilla. b. she’s using him. so that makes him an idiot. c. oceanup lies all the time. but d. i believe it.”
I was slightly confused, so after a quick conversation with toong about it I hit up oceanup. A slight background on oceanup for those of you who aren’t major disney fans: It’s basically a gossip website for teen celebs like JB, Miley, Demi and Selena etc. It’s not reliable most of the time, and fans send in a lot of the stuff. Back to the story.
Before I left this morning JB’s twitter said ‘”Hey everybody! This is our first official tweet and no better way to start it off than on the way to the Dodgers Opening Game! ” so I knew they were off to the baseball. Big deal. When I got home and finally got on oceanup, this article was posted. The main parts:
The Jonas Brothers were at the Dodgers game with their band. Camilla Belle was also there sitting next to Joe the entire time.
Joe was more focused on Camilla than the game and even bought her a Dodger hat so she could wear one too. I asked Nick for a picture and he was really happy to take one and when I called Joe over, he made eye contact with me and just ignored me.
Then he and Camilla kind of laughed. I was kind of surprised how rude he was to the fans and how he ignored us and made fun of us while Nick and Kevin were so sweet. I’m not sure Camilla is good for Joe, she was mocking fans who just wanted a picture
Ok, that doesn’t paint Joe in a fabulous light, but you know what? He gets followed by fans and paparazzi 24/7. He can’t go out without being swarmed by a million people. We all saw what happened to Nick the other day when he was mobbed while trying to drive. All Joe wanted to do was enjoy a game of baseball with his family, his band and his girlfriend. He just wanted some privacy. We all have a right to privacy, and instead of hating him and being rude about him, these fans need to think about what they would do if they were in his shoes. Sure, it would have been nice if he’d been a bit politer, but I’m blaming that on Camilla; I’ve never liked her and think she’s a bad influence to him. I was overjoyed when there were rumours last month that she was dating that tennis player. The fans that now ‘hate’ them are just being immature and obviously never liked them that much anyway. We’ve all seen celebrities do much worse things, *cough* Britney *cough*, and it’s not like he was drunk and abusive or anything. He ignored a fan. Big whoop. For all we know he and Camilla were laughing at something completely random, not the fan. I know a lot of fans like them especially for their morals, and sure, in my eyes that makes them a lot more perfect, but it’s not the only reason I like them. They’re the Jonas Brothers. A band. We’re meant to like them for their music, and that’s what I think we need to focus on in this situation. It hasn’t impacted their music, heck, it hasn’t even really impacted websites past Oceanup. And to do with morals; it’s not like they ‘took off their purity rings’ or anything if you know what I mean. I still love them, and it will take something a lot more than ignoring a fan to diminish that love.
Anyway, I would really appreciate your feedback on this subject, not just from fans, but from haters as well. To get a big idea of ‘how bad’ this is, I want to hear from everyone.
Thanks a million 😀

frangipani princess xoxo

7 thoughts on “Outrage in the JB fan circle?

  1. Can you say he’s nineteen and was hanging with his gf. get the fuck over it everyone. I wouldn’t thought anything else of it (apart from wishing death upon camilla) if this hadn’t been blown out of proportion. Its stupid. But, in the pics on that post who was the guy standing between joe and kevin when they were all standiung up? joe looked effing hot in that pic..xoxo.. toongen..

  2. agreed with you.he can’t do everything.and Camilla is fhdlfnlkadfnlsaf. I throw things at the TV everytime I see her in lovebug.and I laughed when she got an arrow in her back on 10,000BCi’m reeeeeal mature haha.lovelovelove

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