17 again: Review…

Maddi and I went to 17 again today, expecting to mock Zac Efron’s performance for hours to come. Boy were we wrong. Not only was Zac amazing (and amazingly hot), the movie as a whole was majorly enjoyable. I didn’t really like Matthew Perry (I couldn’t stop thinking of him as Chandler from friends) but luckily he was only a minor part, Zac played Mike most of the time. A basic run-down of the storyline (spoilers ahead, skip to the end for my rating etc. if you don’t want to know):
Mike O’Donnel is 17 and a senior at his high-school in 1989. He is the captain of his basketball team, has a gorgeous girlfriend and is basically ‘the man’. His best friend is a very nerdy sci-fi addict by the name of Ned Gold. At his basketball championship where college scouts are watching with eager eyes, Mike notices something is wrong with his girlfriend Scarlett and goes to talk to her. At this point I whispered to Maddi “She’s preggers. Next storyline please.” But maddi was all “Nooo! It’s going to be something else.” As usual, I was right, and Mike abandoned basketball and his college dreams to play happy families.
Fast forward eighteen years and the family isn’t so happy any more. Scarlett has applied for a divorce and Mike is living with Ned, who is as nerdy as ever, but now a self made multi-millionaire. Mike goes to his ex-high school, which happens to be his teenage son and daughters current high school, and starts talking to a janitor who disappears as soon other people arrive. As he is driving home in a storm, he spots the janitor about to jump of a bridge, but as he goes to stop him, the janitor disappears. Assuming the worst, Mike leans over the side only to fall in himself. When he gets out and gets home to shower, he looks in the mirror and *gasp* he’s 17 again.
The story follows on from here. Mike decides it’s his destiny to go back to high school and fix where he went wrong. At first, he thinks this is in the basketball arena but he soon works out his higher task is to help his kids; one of whom is bullied constantly and the other is in a relationship with the said bully. What follows is a hilarious look at reliving your senior year, but with the knowledge of a thirty something. From awkward outbursts in sex-ed, to forbiding your daughter from dating a classmate, to becoming your sons best friend, it’s all covered. There’s even a scene where Ned (who’s pretending to be Mike’s dad) starts talking elfish(?) with the school principal on a date.
It’s an awesome movie, with a happy-yet-predictable ending. The second last scene has Zac Efron crying, and I’m sure many of the viewers would be too. Even if you’re not a Zac fan, go see it. He is amazingly hot, and if Maddi who was Zac’s number one hater can enjoy it, anyone can. I give it a nine out of ten (9/10) because although it was an epic win, there were just one or two bits that could have been improved.

frangipani princess xoxo

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