New Frangi, You Likey?

After two whole days of searching, I have finally found a layout that is half decent and *gasp* actually displays my posts. I know I said I wasn’t going to have a love/heart themed layout this time, as all my previous layouts have been related to love in one way, shape or form but honestly? You go onto pyzam and find my a half decent layout that isn’t related to love/hearts. I dare you.
What do you think? Opinions don’t only keep you warm at night, they’re also greatly valued. Again, if I’ve left you out of my bloglist, or you want to be featured just drop me a line. I don’t bite, promise 😛

frangipani princess xoxo

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3 thoughts on “New Frangi, You Likey?

  1. I like the new layout!please though…anyone who happens to read this please check out my blog at some stage =]mileycyrusfashionxx.blogspot.comeven if u don’t like miley i think i still give so cool outfit ideas–and where to get a personalised necklace xD

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