This post was inspired by many things…

I’m going to write a book. Not right this moment, but eventually. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, and after reading ‘Miles To Go’  I read this post of toong’s and this post of Laura’s and I decided I should tell the world about my story ideas. My book is not going to be fictional, I’m way too lazy for that, it’s going to be an autobiography (think Miles To Go style), but focusing mainly on my obsessions. I’ve even thought of a name for it. Ready?

Confessions Of A Former Fanpire
Doesn’t it just have a ring to it?
In Miles To Go, the book starts in year six. I’m not going to start that late, but I’m not going to recount everything from birth either. I’m going to start mine from year two; that was the year I met laura, the year I had the most fun in my old town, the year I got my first pets (hermit crabs, if you were wondering), the year I found out we were moving and the year I really learnt what sadness felt like. From then on, each chapter is going to focus on a different obsession; from best friends, dancing, travel, geology, smelly-belly’s and ‘scrubby little towns in the outback’ (year two) to the Jonas Brothers, magazines, twitter and being a disney star (which is right now, but by the time I actually write this book, it will have changed again). Some chapters will be longer than others, some obsessions may even be joined into others as I won’t have enough to say on them (i.e. Twitter will go under the chapter ‘social networking’ along with myspace and facebook). But all in all, it’s just going to be an epic story, detailing the extremely obsessive fact that is my life.
Most of you reading this are probably thinking ‘As if she’ll ever do this’ but just you wait, one day, it might be five years in the future or it might be fifty, you’ll walk into a bookshop and ‘Confessions of a Former Fanpire’ will be staring back at you. The cover will even be an epic win, it will be a collage of images of my obsessions, JB will feature of course, but you may be surprised at what else will…
frangipani princess xoxo

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