This time I wasn’t the one who broke…

Dear Readers:
I seem to be experiencing some technical difficulties at the moment (i.e, the posts are becoming invisible when the page loads) and am working hard to fix this. By ‘hard’ I mean in between twitter/facebook/myspace/oceanup/msn I am attempting to find a new layout to see if that’s the problem and also trying to work out if it’s happening to everyone when they visit. It’s kind of frustrating, seeing as most of the layouts on pyzam are dog ugly and I spent like half an hour trying to find a decent one yesterday. Maybe I’ll just cut my losses and revert back to a good old blogger layout. At least then my posts might display…
Thanks heaps for your patience at this time!

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. Snaps to anyone who can tell me where my title quote is from, and no, it’s not Jonas related (this time…). I’ll put a hint in my tags.


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