This is why I love them (well, one of a kajillion reasons)…

There were new secrets this morning on JS. Although secrets as a whole have improved since the new rules and most are epic, this one was just too good not to post. It’s a page that Joe wrote for a magazine interview in what I can only assume was the early days of their career (2006, possible early 2007). It is just so hilarious, you just can’t not automatically love him when you read it. Go back to being completely epic Joe (not that you aren’t amazing now, you’re just not as crazy).

Click on the image to enlarge it.
Three things before I go back to eating orange tic tacs and reading second glance:
My Personal favourite bits are him naming his brothers as his pets, saying his most ticklish spot is his eyeball and saying he notices a girls elbow first.
I did not write the purple bit, the sm did.
JB haters need not comment unless it’s nice *glares at maddi and laura*
frangipani princess xoxo
ps. Thank you to Candis for uploading the secrets and to the sm for making the secret for our enjoyment.

4 thoughts on “This is why I love them (well, one of a kajillion reasons)…

  1. i wasn’t going to but since you’re being like that. they are sooo GAY!!!! and they have bad hair, and they’re short, and they’re mommas boys AND they didn’t say they liked jellyfish.Guess who this is from…xx

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