Although I’m not quite home…

I’m not home yet, I’m currently in Sydney, Olympic Park to be exact, but I managed to find a computer. How cool am I?
We arrived earlier this afternoon, and had a quick lunch before a game of *gasp* AFL tonight. Yes, I am lowering myself to the level of watching the swans play hawthorn. How sad. Tomorrow will involve watching the brother swim at the state championships, and then *gasp* another footy game, thankfully though, this time it’s good old NRL. Sharks v Bulldogs. I don’t go for either team, but oh well. Also tomorow night, catching up with some old friends. Much fun.
Monday and Tuesday involve more swimming and possibly shopping, before arriving home some time after midnight Wednesday morning. So early.
I may get another opportunity to post before Wednesday, I may not, but you can always follow my twitterings here to see what I’m up to.
Thanks so much for your patience!!

frangipani princess xoxo

One thought on “Although I’m not quite home…

  1. So i logged onto blogger and the first thing on my folloing list was this post and guess how long ago it was posted…6 MINUTES! Now i have 6 minutes stuck in my jheaed. but just the bit that says i need six minutes with you.. not even the rest of the chorus..

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