I’ll have to go with B…

I bought my first pair of high-heels last weekend, and let me tell you, they are not as comfortable to walk in as they look. That said, you, a) probably already knew this or b) I’m just a severe unco. It’s most likely the latter. I know that most of my friends have worn heels for years, but because of various bone dysfunctions/general uncoordinatedness mum hasn’t let me. My aunty is getting married at the end of next month and it’s a black tie event. I decided that I was going to wear heels no matter what mum said, so last weekend I bought a pair. They’re hot pink and just generally amazing. I wore them to Billy Elliot, and I managed to walk halfway across the road before I tripped. To get to our seats, we had to walk up three flights of stairs and down another one; I’m lucky to still be alive. I’m getting used to them though, it’s nice to finally feel tall. Well, most of my friends would still be taller than me, but yeah, it’s still nice.
I found a dress to wear to the wedding later last week as well, and it clashes with the shoes. Such heartbreak… I’ll just have to buy another pair 😛

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. The title is not just a reference to my second sentence. Snaps to anyone who comments telling me where it’s from.

2 thoughts on “I’ll have to go with B…

  1. Do I get snaps if I get it right? coz you know i know exactly what its form… Speaking of where its from, Pirates of the Caribbean 2 is on. Lol, ‘Johnny Depp AS Capt. Jack Sparrow as me’And i do want to see these heels. There’s a shop in Plenty Valley and Epping that has, like, hot pink stiletto Barbie shoes. I want THEM! actually i want a lot of shoes from that shop.. and the other awesome shoe shops there. Oh if I only had the money…Xoxo.. Toongen..

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