Who are the teenies?

Toong and I have only recently discovered the joy that is american ‘teenie’ magazines – titles such as Popstar!, M and BOP. We thought our newsagency was just too small and pov to get them in regularly but after an incident today, we may just be checking too late.
Earlier this afternoon, toong told me she had bought the new Popstar! so I asked her how many copies were there so I could get one. She responded that there were around five, so I rang my mum who was down the street to get me one. She rang back fifteen minutes later and informed me that I was extremely obsessed and she had bought the last copy. What I want to know is in the hour or so between toongs purchase and mine where the other four copies went. As far as we know, we’re the only people who like JB/disney stars enough to buy a magazine at our school, and there aren’t that many tweenies around town. Most students here like rap music and farm life, not disney channel and pop-culture.
I really want to know who else is buying them, and other than staking out the newsagency, I have no idea how to find out. I guess I’ll just have to subscribe and go on wondering…

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. Do you guys read any of those magazines?

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