Stupid, Sexist Tradition…

Edit: jess commented asking what a deb is, it’s like a big dance to present teenage girls to society. You can read about it here.
You may remember about this time last year I posted about debutante balls. I believe the post had that exact title if you want to look for it but anyway, in it I ranted about my hate of the tradition and how girls are treated in an extremely sexist way. Where I live, you do your deb in year eleven (I know some places it’s year ten) and currently, my friends and I are in year nine. Our deb is two years away and yet there are already numerous fights about who’s going to partner whom. Some boys have waiting lists! It is so idiotic. In two years who knows what might happen. You might move away, your partner might move away, you might have a fight, you might decide not to do your deb, heck, the deb might not even be held! Why are we stressing so much over a silly little tradition that isn’t even ours to stress about for another two years? Everyone kind of thinks I’m weird for not doing my deb and voicing my opinion on the subject, and well you know what, I think they’re even weirder for worrying about it so much. I will allow you to stress when we’re actually close to our deb. And if anyone says my Jonas Brother’s obsession is just as weird and tells me to shut up (like today at school), that will just make me more annoyed…

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. What’s the bet toong comments and says something along the lines of ‘they’re not for that purpose any more, it’s just an excuse to dress up, look beautiful and be the centre of attention’

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