Bad Day. Need JB…

Today has just been a generally crap day, even the weather agreed. On my way to school I picked up the new girlfriend. Got excited by the fact it promised a JB poster. Got disappointed when I realised it was the reader made issue and the poster of JB was quite bad.
French first period. Was working in the loft with Mal and a teacher came into use it. Nobody ever uses the loft. Was forced to actually do work instead of gossip.
Maths test second. Completely screwed up. Forgot simple things and the teacher basically answered a question for me. He answered the same question for me on the area test last year.
Recess. Got to canteen before realising money was in bag. Couldn’t be bothered getting it so missed out on vanilla slice, best canteen product in the week.
Third period was history. In the library and forced to work. Had to make a poster on the battle of the somme. I’ve been there and couldn’t remember anything.
PDH theory was next. Walked downstairs to the library and to the classroom. Passed teacher on the way. He said ‘be there soon girls’. Five minutes later he came and told us we were back in the library. Good point of that lesson was that it was spent looking at pictures of Nick.
Lunch time was meant to be a debate against the year tens. The year tens decided they didn’t want to so we had to make up a debate against ourselves. Toong chose half way through her speech to quit the team and leave us with Milbs. Thanks toong, love you too.
Commerce last. Not that bad, except everyone went off at us about JB again. We only said they were homeschooled!
Maths tutoring after school. Felt so dumb. People saw me leaving.
Some happy news though, at ten fifty six this morning toongs big sister Bridget (finally) had her baby. It was a boy (which she knew) named Patrick Edward. Patrick brings back bad debating memories…

Here’s to a happier tomorrow! Except we have school photos so no promises…
frangipani princess xoxo

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