We call him little indian, but I don’t think he actually is…

Billy Elliot last night was amazing. I won’t go so far as to say it was my favourite musical ever (still tossing up whether that honour belongs to Rocky Horror or Wicked) but I thoroughly enjoyed it. B came with us, and as the Billy’s and Michael’s go to her school, she was able to give us a bit of goss on them. Dayton (I can’t remember his last name, or be bothered finding the program to check) played Billy last night and he was amazing , and according to B is really nice and funny as well, and possibly her favourite. Our Michael was hilarious; he was definitely my favourite character. The music was different, and I only really liked one song, but it was fun. I didn’t get the whole history link (I’d only ever heard of Margaret Thatcher in passing, and so many jokes were at her expense) so if you’re young and planning on seeing it, I’d watch the movie/ask your parents about England in the eighties before you go.
And a word of warning: If you have a problem with swearing or gays, I wouldn’t  necessarily be rushing to go…

frangipani princess xoxo

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