Just watch me get an A+…

I really don’t like sport. Don’t get me wrong, I love my dragons (we will get revenge on the storm, just wait), and I do take a vague interest in the cricket and tennis etc. (especially when Mal’s around), it’s just I don’t like participating. I’ve mentioned this fact numerous times here before and I’m sure you all understand, but it’s people that actually know me (minus close friends and mum) that don’t. My dad still asks me to play sport with him, my sport teacher still asks me to participate, and my pdh teacher still hates me because I won’t. He was never my favourite teacher (none of the pe teachers are), but after today I really don’t like him. We had theory in the library today and we got an assignment. The task was to write about a person (famous or otherwise) who had overcome an adversity and then write some stuff about sense of self. Toong and I automatically decided to do Nick Jonas. About half way through the lesson, our teacher came over and the following conversation occured:
Teacher: Girls, who are you doing?
Toong and Me: Nick Jonas!!
Teacher: *frowns* And what has he done?
Me: He has diabetes

Toong: *duh*
Teacher: I don’t think so
Me: What?
Teacher: I don’t think diabetes is a big enough adversity.
Toong: Hello! He thought he was going to die
Aiden (boy in class): I agree. Like nine people in my family have diabetes, it’s no biggie
Me: We’re doing him.
Teacher: I wouldn’t reccommend it. How about someone who had cancer or an accident?
Me: You said too many people have diabetes! What about all the people who have cancer and accidents? At least they can get better!
Toong: Yeah!
Toong and Me: We’re doing him. And we’re going to rock it.
Teacher: *frowns* walks off.
The thing is, most people love this teacher. He’s young, laidback and basically lets you do whatever you like, as long as you like sport. It’s so unfair. I’m sure that if we’d wanted to do a sport star with diabetes he would have gotten all excited…

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. Heading to Melbs tomorrow for birthday present of Billy Elliot. Back Sunday 😀

One thought on “Just watch me get an A+…

  1. Of course it would’ve been different if it was a sports star! and screw you aiden!!!!! we are doing nick j (coz he’s off the chain) and gonna win! its the other parts of the assignment that’ll let me down.. lol.. why oh why must pdh teachers harte us? english teachers don’t hate illiterite people. i was gonna say science teachers don’t hate non-sciecne ppl but my science teacher hates me. lol.xoxo.. toongen..

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