A day in the life of me…

6:56 – Roll over a few times and wake up. Start reading book (Cathy’s book or something if you’re interested).
7:05 – Turn off iPod alarm. Start reading book again. Get sick of book. Get up.
7:10-7:25 – Finish uploading pictures from party onto myspace.
7:25 – Have shower
7:50 – Get dressed
7:50-8:23 – Bum around the house
8:23 – Walk to school with Emily
8:35 – Go to canteen with Toong
8:50-9:06 – Go to roll call. Read Hamlet (the novel by John Marsden). Listen to notices not concerning you.
9:06 – Go to maths
9:10-9:40 – Do equations work with Maddi
9:40 – Meet commerce teacher outside gym
10:00 – Go to court
12:00 – Walk down the street to bakery for food.
12:15 – Eat sausage roll and custard tart
12:35 – Go back to court
1:05 – Go back to school and write court report
1:29 – Wait for debating meeting, which gets postponed (poned!!!)
1:45 – Watch shave for a cure. Freak out when you hear daddy is going to shave off his beard of over thirty years.
2:15 – Go to science. Do acid experiment while wearing nerd goggles. Get annoyed at teacher. Write lyrics in book.
3:15 – Walk home with Em and Toong. Pick up mail at post office. Bank birthday money.
3:35-4:15 – Get home. Go on computer. See lackage of emails. Feel unloved. See lackage of secrets. Feel bored. See new twitter followers. Feel loved.

frangipani princess xoxo
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