‘It didn’t happen!!’

My birthday was epic. We had so much fun at dinner and took millions of photos, including one of us four of us doing the ‘Whatever major loser’ signs from Camp Rock. Charlii was W, I was E, Toong was M and Julz was L. It took a few shots, but it is an awesome photo. After dinner, when mum (who was sitting at another table) was getting angry at us for being too loud, we went across the street to buy ice-creams. There was a drunk man sitting at a table and he just kept saying to us ‘Girls, it didn’t happen. It just didn’t happen. IT DIDN’T HAPPEN!’ He said it over and over and over again, and he was really starting to freak us out, but then after we left, we couldn’t stop laughing and imitating him. I got lots of amazing presents (mainly chocolate, snaps to toogy for remembering my secret favourite is old gold peppermint) and what people wrote on my cards had me laughing hysterically. Take Maddi’s. We are taking part in the stock market game at school, and toong and I went into it pretty blindly, buying stocks in companies with cool names or that looked ok. We’re currently coming fifteenth in the school, out of about twenty groups. Maddi is coming seventh. She wrote on my card ‘Dear #15, hope you have an awesome birthday…. lots of love #7.’ She even wrote it on the gift voucher she gave me. And on Toong’s card it had a ps of ‘I think Hannah is playing music next door’. Gollly gosh I love my friends.
But yes, after an entire day of being fifteen, I have come to the conclusion that I feel the same as I did at fourteen, and that it will take turning sixteen next year and getting my license (and as cousins and certain friends would say, becoming ‘legal’) for me to have something truly exciting happen on a birthday.
Back with regular posts tomorrow.

frangipani princess xoxo

One thought on “‘It didn’t happen!!’

  1. I wouldn’t say ‘legal’.. And hannah was playing music. Well, it might’ve been her mum. I couldn’ tell coz i don’t know what music it was.. and your not too secret about old gold. you say it all the time.. but snaps for em nonetheless..

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