There is someone worse than me…

Even though I have known for quite a while that I am not the only one with severe obsessions, it was a great relief in a way to participate in the following conversation during French this afternoon:
Me: But they’re amazing. Hot, talented AND they have morals… What more could you want?
Ellena and Emma: Ewww not JB
Teacher: I totally understand where she’s coming from. You’re almost fifteen right?
Me: On Wednesday =)
Teacher: Well, when I was your age, I was full on obsessed with this British boy band. Even more obsessed than you are about the Jonas Brothers. I loved them so much, and when they broke up when I was in year twelve, I was so crushed I cried for a week.
Emma: Hahaha, you’ll do that gg!
Me: As if JB will ever break up.
Teacher: Then, when I was in England a few years later, they announced they were getting back together. And they had a concert, on my birthday! I was beyond excited.
Me: What was the band Miss?
Teacher: It’s too embarrassing…
Everyone: No! Tell us Miss!!
Teacher: Ok, they were called Take That… Robbie Williams was in them.
Me: Hahaha I know them…
Teacher: Once I drove for five hours just to go to a CD signing. No concert, just to meet them and to get their autograph. It was the best day of my life. And once, I went to a Robbie Williams concert, and even though I was up the back, I had been to heaps up the front, but anyway, even though I was up the back, he started singing a Take That song, and five words into it I started bawling, and couldn’t stop for four entire songs. Just because it was Take That… And the saddest part was I wasn’t a teenager. I was twenty seven.
Emma: Woah Miss, that’s obsessed. I don’t think gg and toong are quite that bad yet…
Ellena: But anything can happen…
Me: Especially when they finally come here for a concert…

frangipani princess xoxo

One thought on “There is someone worse than me…

  1. Lolz.. I wouldn’t drive 5 hours. 3 maybe, but not 5. I love adro’s accidental JB references.. and i used to have a take that tape.. I think its still out at the farm.. lol, she’s a rad teacher..

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