And then some…

This afternoon, I went to the newsagency with my heart set on buying an awesome teenie mag. I was severely disappointed; not only did they have no new teenie mags, the only vaguely teenie-esque mag was TV Hits, which I resorted to buying last week as it had one JB poster. At that moment I was ready to kill someone for my lack of being American-ness.
I wasn’t going to leave without a magazine, I had been craving one all day and wasn’t going to let lack of Disney stars stop me from buying a glossie. I aimlessly wandered around the store, randomly glancing at various titles until I spotted Frankie. B loves it and I always see it mentioned on GWAS so I decided to give it a go. Sure, it was a few dollars more than gf or dolly, but I had been willing to pay up to $12 for a teenie, so $8.50 wasn’t really putting me off at that point.
When I got home I flicked through it and it was love at first sight. It reminded me of the late great Chik magazine (while re-arranging my magazines later I realised they were/are published by the same comany) and was just such a breath of fresh air in the glossy world. The articles were a lot more personal, the ads were very indie and there was no high fashion in sight. The cover is very basic, pastel colours with just ‘Frankie’ and ‘Wouldn’t it be loverly’ written in large type, and then a list of things featured in the mag, but in a cute way. Toong will be excited to read the first on the list is ‘to watch every audrey hepburn film ever made’.
My favourite article was definitely either ‘Use Your Noodle (a review of instant noodles) or ‘Childhood Lessons With Comedian Lawrence Leung’ but the entire magazine rocked. I was slightly crushed when I discovered it was only available every two months, but then I realised the parentals wouldn’t complain as much if there was only six issues a year to buy.
Seriously though, if you haven’t already, go and buy Frankie now. Or a teenie mag…

frangipani princess xoxo

2 thoughts on “And then some…

  1. You have no idea how excited I was when I sqw ‘to watch every audrey hepburn movie ever made’. That is, like, my goal for this year.Well, hwile i was buying you chocolate i saw girlpower and decided to see if it had any cool kids on the cover. ashley tisdale wasd the cover girl, but it had a thing on JB and the JB and demi posters were on different sheets!For someone who complains about Americanisms a lot (or you used to at least) you are very pro-america..Xoxo.. Toongen..

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