‘Let’s have a farting contest!!!’ ‘Let’s not.’

I spent this weekend in Melbourne, so sorry for lack of postage. I had the most epic time, even though the Dragons lost on Friday night. They lost by one measly point, in overtime!! So unfair.
Yesterday I met up with Tam and B, and we had the best time ever. We went and saw ‘The Secret Life Of Bees’ (review to come), and then chillaxed at B’s and watched ‘Dr Horrible’, ‘Rocky Horror’, ‘Camp Rock’ and ‘Shaun Of The Dead’.
We stayed up until three am reminiscing about BMC and just generally catching up. We laughed so hard, and took so many random photos (including a million Joe screen shots while watching Camp Rock). Seriously, those girls are the best.
Anyway, I have an english assignment due tomorrow morning that I have to finish, so I’ll be back later to post ‘The Secret Life Of Bees’ review (and how I went teenie when I saw a JB movie poster, and how depressed I got when the others wouldn’t let me take a picture of it…).

frangipani princess xoxo


2 thoughts on “‘Let’s have a farting contest!!!’ ‘Let’s not.’

  1. WHATTTTT?You didn’t even ask us to take a pic of you with it!I would so have taken a pic of you with it.Gawsh.:)Best weekend, Epic as.oxox

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