We’re your dream girls…

As you all know, I am a massive Jonas Brothers fan, and by massive I mean massive. They’ve been hyping up a world tour for a while now, and last week they announced the dates would be released on Wednesday the 11th of March, as in yesterday for them, this morning for us. I was so excited yesterday, and then last night when I was out to dinner, toong texted me saying the American dates were up. As soon as I got home, I went straight on myspace, but soon realised something. Their world tour is basically three months in America (North and South) and Canada, with a few European stops along the way. Even though they have said that they definitely will come to Australia this year, we’re not an official part of the world tour. In a blog early this morning the boys said ‘European and Asian dates are being finalised. We plan on being in Europe, Asia and Australia later in the year’. So they can plan a three month concert in the USA, organise everything, and yet can’t even have possible dates for an Australian tour on the specified day. It’s kind of sad really. I’m not angry at the boys, I know it’s not their fault really, but I am disappointed. It’s time’s like these I really wish I was American…

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. If you’re an aussie JB fan, post the following comment on their myspace:
‘So we’ll wait for you to come, please don’t break our hearts, cause you said, you’d come, to Australia. We are so, beautiful. We’re you’re dream girls. La la la, la la la…’
NB: I didn’t write that comment, it was on the aussie forums telling people to post, so yeah, use wisely 😀

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