April DOLLY…

This morning I woke up after seven hours of sleep and felt like crap. And then I thought ‘Ooh! New DOLLY out today, must get it on my way to school’. So on my way to school, I stopped at the newsagent and went to where they normally have the teen mags (not to be confused with teenie mags) and last months issue was still there. I had a minor freak out until my friend said ‘gg, they’re up here’. I walked up the front, and it was love at first sight. Not only do you get epic pink mp3 speakers (they tacked $2.50 onto the cover price though), Selena Gomez is on the cover. I cannot tell you how long I have been waiting for an awesome role model like Selena to grace one of our covers, instead of one of the repetitive cover girls like Delta Goodrem, Amanda Bynes, the Veronicas etc. Needless to say, I was excited.
When I went to roll-call, I abandoned my novel (The Lovely Bones, in case you were wondering) in favour of DOLLY for the first time ever. Anyone who knows me knows that although magazines are my life, roll call is novel time. I started flicking through, and found no flaws, except for one very major one. So major in fact, it calls for bold text:
They published a snippet from an ‘interview’ with the Jonas Brothers, in which they supposedly stated their rings were not purity rings. That interview, which was posted on a website which is not to be trusted, was proven to be false, and the website had to make a retraction and publish the correct interview. Even so, in the fake interview, the boys ‘said’, and I quote “the purity is still a major part of it, but not the main focus”. Needless to say, DOLLY left that bit out. Epic Fail DOLLY, Epic Fail.
Now I’ve ranted about that, I can start my review.
Other than the fact it has Selena on it, the cover is awesome. Insert convo at school:
Me: I really like the cover this month
Friend: Yeah it’s awesome
Toong: Especially for DOLLY…
Not trying to be mean, but honestly, the DOLLY covers haven’t always been amazing. Remember the red Amanda Bynes cover? Or the Yellow Rihanna number? Yeah. But this cover is so rad. Pretty colours, cool fonts and my favourite cover girl. What else does a cover need?
As Ed Gemma states in her letter this month, this month’s issue is all about guys (unfortunately, not JB). Boys are always awesome, although I’m sure JB would have been much cooler than Short Stack…
Of course, this month most of the features this month relate to boys, and lots of them:

  • His Texts, His Smiles, His Moves… How to Get Fluent In Boylish – Basically examples of different kisses, texts, conversations and dance moves, and what they mean in boy language.
  • The OTT World Of Super Sweet 16 – A look into 16th birthday parties, and how crazy some are. I’m not allowed a 16th, apparently my 18th and 21st is more important, but it amazes me how much some people get for theirs. I know there’s a happy medium between not having a party and these parties, but seriously? Cars, celebrities and thousands of dollars worth of jewellery? What Sixteen year old needs that?
  • From Kissing To Dissing: Famous Guys Spill Their Love Advice – Um, the title explains it all? Celebs such as Sam Clark, Joel Madden, Brody Jenner and Sandor Earl give their love advice.
  • Project Dad: Fixing Your Father Freak Out – This story is written in first person, which is unusal for features these days, and it’s how to have a better relationship with your dad. I’m happy to say I have a really good relationship with my daddy, unless he’s yelling at me 😛
  • Open Heart Surgery – A panel of readers and a counsellor answer your relationship dilemmas. Riveting.
  • In His Shoes: 24 Hours In The Life Of A Guy – In a comic style fashion, this feature follows Jordan Rodrigues (Jai from H&A), Shaun Divney (Short Stack), Patrick Veszpremi (AFL star) and Jordan McGuire (Web Designer) around for a day to see what they get up to.
  • When Love Hurts – This story was originally going to be on Chris Brown, and how epic he is, but after the Rihanna thing, it’s now a story of abusive relationships, with pictures of the two scattered everywhere (ok, twice, but still). I really like the layout of this one as well.
  • First Impressions: What Your Outfit Says To Him – Random street girls and what guys think of their outfits.

Cover Girl:
Of course, the cover girl is Selena, and her feature is entitled ‘Curfews, Bad Boys and That Celebrity Feud’. The layout is amazing (it’s pink, with rad fonts and has a Demi and Selena pic. We’ll just ignore Miley standing in the middle…) and even though I already knew all the information (I so don’t stalk Disney Stars…), it’s a refreshing read.

Other Stuff:

  • Posters of Short Stack, Daniel Radcliffe, Lincoln Lewis, Alex Pettyfer, Rpatz and Jay Lyon. It would have been cooler with JB.
  • Sealed section is on Periods, again.
  • Beauty layouts are awkward – too many celeb pics and not enough real information.
  • Real Girl stories include ‘My boyfriend has no arms or legs’ (and technically, they’re engaged…), ‘I was attacked by a shark’ and ‘I’m a BMX Bandit’.
  • Fashion is ‘The Secret Garden’. The location is so pretty, it reminds you of it’s namesake most definitely.
  • Other fashion includes Purple, Blazes and Denim through the ages.
  • Boy Goodness is Hunter Parish. Never heard of him. Don’t really care. I don’t like how they have separated this feature into random text boxes. And the colour scheme has a gross green…

All in all, the issue was pretty much an Epic Win. It may be more expensive than usual, but it’s certainly worth it. Just make sure you get the pink speakers…
I give it 9/10.

frangipani princess
ps. I’m being lazy right now, and going out in twenty minutes while meant to be finishing a presentation for formal assembly tomorrow, so I’ll add scans later.

One thought on “April DOLLY…

  1. I don’t want Rahcel and Ty to break up. Even hough I hate Rachel and couldn’t care less about her. Soz listening to Neighbours..Also, I was thinking, you said DOLLY got the JB interview from some book, not OceanUP. Didn’t oceanup have a scan of a book with the interviw??I want a slightly OTT sweet 16th. Not majorly, just a tiara and lots of sparkly-ness..xoxo.. toongen..

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