It’s not your fault you’re so evil and squinty eyed…

As much as I hate to admit it, I really like Taylor Swift’s music. That said, I really do not like her. She is evil and squinty eyed and screams ’27 second phone call’ when she was the one that hung up the phone. Her music, is another story, and one to which I must stick to during this post.
Toong and I have avoided her music for ages, but then because toong has no life, she ended up watching a few of her video clips. She raved about a few of the songs to me, so I finally got around to downloading ‘fifteen’, ‘love story’, ‘forever and always’ and ‘our song’ last weekend. I was most definitely surprised by the amazing quality, and now cannot stop singing along. My favourites are the current chart-topper ‘Love Story’ and the sweet ‘Fifteen’. Forever and Always would be higher up on my list if it wasn’t about Joe Jonas, and it wasn’t so obvious she was the one saying ‘forever and always’…

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. I’m having a movie night tomorrow, and have a powerpoint presentation to make for formal assembly, but once they’re completed, I have a kajillion magazine reviews all ready to write for you, so don’t go anywhere =)

4 thoughts on “It’s not your fault you’re so evil and squinty eyed…

  1. Ohk…Love Story and Our Song from the radio and video hits, not youtube! Forever and Always i youtubed coz its about Joe. I had a purpose that time!The resat i was just bored. but thats 3 that i didn’t just come across because i have no lfie..xoxo.. toongen..

  2. Hey gg! (: I’ve only just read your comment on my blog! Hehehe. How’ve you been, hun? I’m all right, just been busy with college!And ugh. I so agree with you about Taylor. I like her songs, but other than that, she’s not exactly my favourite person. Too whiney. Too desperate. Plus, she can’t exactly sing live, poor girl…xx

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