He’s just not that into you: Review…

Friday night I went to Wagga and met up with my good friend Paige, who I hadn’t seen in forever. We decided to hit the movies, and picked ‘He’s just not that into you’. We were the youngest in the cinema by about five years but it didn’t really matter. At HSM3 we were the oldest by about the same amount. I was being ‘good’ and didn’t get any popcorn, only jaffas which are my secret movie vice, I can’t watch a movie without them. Anyway, I was happily munching away and offered them to Paige, who looked at me with a weird expression and said ‘oh! didn’t I tell you? I gave up chocolate for lent! What did you give up?’ Cue blank expression from me. I knew Paige was devoutly Catholic, but I had been away the last few weekends and had missed church, and obviously the beginning of lent. I slowly stammered that I forgot it was lent, and hadn’t picked anything to give up (I later decided on Perez. Small, I know, but I can’t live without my gossip fix!). Thankfully, the movie started, so I was saved from further awkward statements on my behalf.
The movie was amazing, let’s put it that way. I know I’m too young to have read the book, too young to properly understand a lot of the issues discussed, but it was still enjoyable. The cast was beyond epic, and the way the characters were tied in was fabulous. My favourite character by far was gg (gigi? gege?), the pretty much central character. I liked her because she quite possibly has the most epic name ever (one of the other characters was Paige. Random much?) and she was just so much fun. Jennifer Aniston’s character was easy to sympathise with, and for most of the movie reminded me of Jennifer herself (she just wants a ring dammit!).
The ending was the sweetest thing ever, and the random vox-popish parts throughout the movie were genious. There was only one character I didn’t really like, but she didn’t take away from it too much.
If you’re into chick-flicks, it’s a must see. Stellar cast, stellar story-line, stellar everything. One in it for the long run, and a definite 9.5/10.
Have you seen it?

frangipani princess xoxo

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