Before they lost the exclamation mark…

When I was in year six, I loved panic! at the disco so much, it was almost a JoBro-esque obsession. I got their album, a fever you can’t sweat out, when it was released and would listen to it twenty-four/seven. It was love. I was so excited when pretty odd was announced at the end of 2007, and waited with bated breath for it to be released last year. I decided to download one single, nine in the afternoon, and although I liked it, it wasn’t a fever you can’t sweat out worthy. They had dropped the exclamation mark, and seemingly their talent. It just wasn’t the same. I was at the gym the other day and the film clip for I write sins not tragedies was on. It was followed by nine in the afternoon, and there was no comparison. I love the clip for I write sins not tragedies so much, so I decided to post it. Enjoy a little exclamation mark goodness for your sunday afternoon.

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. I saw ‘He’s just not that into you’ on Friday night. It was epic. Review tomorrow-ish. Review for new Girlfriend around then as well.

One thought on “Before they lost the exclamation mark…

  1. Love this song. Bella got me into Panic! and Fall out boy around the same time and they were both so epic with their long un-related song names. I still can’t remember which song goes with which title for some..

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