This is weird…

Edit: Jason is in fact only twenty-three, apparently, although every website says something different. IMDB does say thirty-two, as does wikipedia, but wikipedia also says nineteen and twenty-three. Maybe his age will always remain a mystery…

So confession time: I watch Hannah Montana.
I always thought Jason Earles who plays Jackson, Miley’s older brother was a few years older than Miley Cyrus herself, so like nineteen. I don’t know how the conversation came up in Scripture of all subjects today, but Toong told me that he is in fact thirty-two. Thirty freaking two. That’s how old my mum was when she had my brother. That’s so old. Well, not old as such, but old to be playing a seventeen year old. It’s kind of creepy actually. He’s double the age of Miley. He’s technically old enough to be her father.

frangipani princess xoxo

4 thoughts on “This is weird…

  1. I only found it creepy when, lol theres a pic of david deluise from the premiere of another cinderella story, is he even in that? soz, umm, yeah i onyl found it creepy in an ep where miley had a dream jackson and lily kissed.. The guy who plays JP in another cinderella story is 26, and him n selena make out..

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