4 thoughts on “I’m not obsessed…

  1. You’re magazine obsession makes me feel so much better about my own. You know how I never liked the fashion pages? I do now. I think my pile of pagazine pages in bigger then my pile of JoBros pages.Xoxo.. Toongen..

  2. hahaha i’ve done that before, laying out all my glossies on the floor and taking a photo of em! i even arranged them in a heart shape! hahahaha. the amount of moolah we spent on magazines never cease to amaze me…

  3. pfft, i’ve tried to cut down but i’ve realised why bothering trying when i enjoy magazines so much! and your collection isnt that bad, you should see mine! i always get nylon, bliss, lula, teen vogue, sugar, seventeen, shop til you drop and i still have subs to dolly and gf but i’m finding the stuff they feature is becoming more and more irrelevant to me. i also love going overseas and buying all the mags you can’t get here!

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