It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

So Christmas is on Thursday. Two sleeps. Thirty-sixish hours. And strangely, I’m not overly excited. Yes, I’m excited to see my relatives, yes, I’m excited to celebrate my Saviour’s birth, yes, I’m excited to go on holidays, but the whole present thing hasn’t really appealed to me this year. I asked for about four things in total, when normally my list is about four metres long. I also appreciated buying things more this year, in one (long) shopping day in Melbourne I spent $200 on Christmas presents for loved ones. I normally give them a candy-cane, a hug, and let mum do all the major shopping. And as with last year, wrapping the presents has been a favourite moment. We bought a lot of our presents while we were in Europe, so to go through them and remember all the memories that came with the day of purchase was very lovely. I also made my best friend a box of memories/random things. It’s taken a lot of planning, and actually making, and I’ve used about a years worth of laminating sheets from school, but (I hope) it’s going to be worth it. Other friends have received gift vouchers, or if I was very pov, a smiggle rubber. Because smiggle is love.
Anyway, tomorrow morning bright and early we’re leaving to do a three week tour of the far flung relos and friends. As per usual, not a lot of internet access, but check back sporadically and maybe you’ll get lucky. We’ll be back for sure on the 13th of January, so definitely come back then. I’m seeing Twilight again tomorrow morning, so I’ll make sure I do a revised review when I get time. I can access comments and emails from my phone, so leave lots of them and make me feel loved.
Have an amazing Christmas and New Year period, and I’ll see you all again in 2009!!

Frangipani Princess xoxo

5 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

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