Dude! You are not my nemesis!!

So I’m bored. And I was bored last night, so I watched Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog (the dvd of which is on its way to me, via amazon as we speak, as is Burning Up: On tour with the Jonas Brothers book) and I again noticed the amazingly awesome quotes in it. I thought I’d share the best with you, just because I want you to feel the burning pain of boredom:

  • Wow. Sarcasm. That’s original.
  • I hate the homeless………..ness problem that plagues our city.
  • I have a phd…. in horribleness.
  • The world is a mess, and I just need……. to rule it!
  • ‘Love your hair!’ ‘What?’ ‘Oh, I love the…. air.’
  • Dude! You are not my nemesis!
  • Did you notice that he threw you in the garbage?
  • ‘I want to be an achiever, like Bad Horse.’ ‘The thoroughbred of sin?’ ‘I meant Ghandi.’
  • ‘What about your clothes?’ ‘I don’t love these.’
  • How’s it going with cheesy on the outside?
  • Oh gee! Look at my wrist! I’ve got to go!

And my personal favourite:

  • What a crazy random happenstance!

So yes, have you seen Dr Horrible? If you have, what’s your favourite line?

Frangipani Princess xoxo
ps. this is my 550th post =)


One thought on “Dude! You are not my nemesis!!

  1. El bags me out for dr horrible bcoz she thinks the songs are gay. And now i’m not getting it so i can’t show her.. you gotta burn it for me when you get it.. plz plz plz..xoxo.. toongen..p.s i think i’ll go watch that now..

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