Because Barbie is so much cooler…

I just saw an ad on tv for some crazy bratz doll thing, and it made me laugh. Quite hysterically actually, because as of next month or so, Bratz dolls aren’t allowed to be sold. The guy that created them came up with the idea while working for Mattel (which, as we all know, makes Barbies). Mattel sued him for some intellectual copyright thing, and the judge ruled that Bratz dolls can’t be sold anymore. It almost makes me want to go and panic buy them so in ten years when they’re impossible to find I can sell them and make heaps. But of course, I wouldn’t sink so low as to look at a Bratz doll, let alone buy one…

Frangipani Princess xoxo


2 thoughts on “Because Barbie is so much cooler…

  1. See Gyp was never allowed to have barbie things but big b didn’t have a problem with bratz.. It’s ohk now coz maddie is allowed barbie so gyp kinda has to be allowed. Still has bratz things tho.. i wanna yelll at big b everytime i see them..thank god you would never sink that low… i think i would have to demote you to acquaintance if you did..xoxo.. toongen..

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