So, twilight…

Twilight, Twilight, Twilight… Mmmm where to start? Ok, so we were almost late getting to the theatre (which is an hour away, thanks mum) so we didn’t buy popcorn or anything and ran upstairs. Luckily, we didn’t miss anything except a few previews. When the movie started, I wasn’t overly fussed on the beginning and it went from there.

The Good:
  • Kristen Stewart was a better Bella than expected
  • They few times Emmet spoke, he was funny. Gosh I love Emmet.
  • The baseball scene was amazing
  • The scene that’s in the trailers with Edward walking with Bella into school with sunnies on is also amazing, and probably my favourite. It’s really the only time you see the true chemistry between them.
The Bad:
  • When Edward steps in the sun, he looks like someone has covered him in glue and glitter. So not cool.
  • They wrecked the meadow scene completely.
  • James bit Bella on her wrist. Hello! It’s meant to be her hand!
  • Eric was too cool, Angela was too dark skinned and Jessica’s hair was flat.
  • Rosalie was in it more than Alice, and we all know Alice is the most awesome girl in the series and Rosalie sucks, don’t we?
  • Speaking of Alice, she was way to tall. She is clearly described as being ‘very short and pixie like’ (not in those exact words) but she was taller than Bella.
  • Bella’s not wearing any pants the first time she makes out with Edward.
  • Her mum rings her all the time, instead of emailing her.
  • The scene in the trailer with Emmet telling Edward “This is wrong, Edward! She’s not one of us!” isn’t in the movie, at all.
  • In the books , the Cullen’s hate using more than Edwards car, but in numerous scenes with no reason they take three separate cars at the same time.
  • In the first Biology lesson, when the fan blows Bella’s hair (which looks gross enough) Edward looks feral to the max. He looks like he’s about to vomit, but it’s quite possibly the worst bit of acting ever.
  • In the one cafeteria scene with Bella and Edward, Edward has sweat patches. Vampires can’t sweat…
  • Robert Pattinson in general. He just sucked.
  • The way Bella found out the Cullen’s were vampires sucked. Jacob is meant to tell her everything and then she goes home and googles vampires, but no, she had to actually find a bookshop in Port Angeles (she doesn’t in the book) and buy a book on legends and work it out herself!!
  • The left out the blood-typing scene.
That all said though, I’m only being picky because I love the books so much. I did enjoy the movie, but I didn’t love it, or even really like it. I want to see it again because toong and I spent the entire movie picking out incorrect bits, and I just want to enjoy it. Mal, who hasn’t read the books, really liked it, so I suppose it’s just how much you love the book, or whether you’ve read it or not. I give it a 5/10. It was just average, and as one reviewer put it, a mediocre film is sometimes worse than a terrible one…
Frangipani Princess xoxo

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