My how I’ve changed…

I just found a journal my mum wrote for me from when I was born. I had to post this entry, because it shows how much I’ve changed in the next thirteen years.
30/5/1995- ‘You are not talking much, and we have to check all you say by looking at your sign. Your favourite words, (and the only ones you seem to say) are ‘pup’ and ‘girl’
Hahah I know most, if not all, of my current teachers and classmates would have an extremely hard time believing that statement…
But then mum continues with a statement that is very much true to this day, but with more ‘mature’ things, such as twilight and the jobros:
‘Your concentration span is wonderful , but your obsession with the wheels on the bus pop up moving parts book has almost turned your father off reading it to you’
Hahah I was obsessed even back  then, but unfortunately, my concentration span isn’t as good anymore. I now get distracted at the slightest hint of something more interesting (in history yesterday, my teacher was telling us about a movie or asking us to pick a movie, or something, and aiden said from across the room ‘so, twilight comes out today’ and that was the end of my [and toongs] attention to the teacher).

Frangipani Princess xoxo


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