We can do this, Spiders!

I’m finally back.
Melbourne was awesome and I got all my shopping done. My feet were so sore after shopping for ten hours straight though.
On Saturday afternoon, I went to Albury with Mal and Toong for Mal’s party. We stayed at her sister’s flat and went to see High School Musical Three. We weren’t expecting much from it, and other than parentals, we were pretty much the oldest in the theatre. The previews went for over fifteen minutes (and they weren’t even cool previews, they were just ads) and one for camp rock came on and I screamed. Everyone stared at me and some people started laughing, but hello, it was camp rock! When it started, it was actually pretty good. Zac Efron was the hottest he’s ever been, and Corbin Bleu wasn’t too bad either. Mal, who’s a bit obsessed with slightly ‘explicit scenes’ (as she puts it), and I kept finding places where in any other movie, Troy and Gabriella would of had sex, but in HSM3 they didn’t even kiss. Toong and I kept deciding things that were happening in the movie should happen at our school. Like Prom, and Musicals, and random bursts of song. Throughout the movie, even out of basketball season, Troy kept saying ‘Wildcats, we can do this!’ ‘Come on Wildcats!’, so we also decided we should do the same thing at our school, who’s official team are the spiders. ‘Come on Spiders!’ just has a ring to it, don’t you think? The best song was Troy’s solo. He was running around the school in the middle of the night in a storm and was so hot.
The movie was actually quite good. In my opinion, it was the best of the three, but Mal doesn’t agree, so I guess it’s up to everyone to decide for themselves.
After the movie we played ABBA singstar (which I was pro at) and watched Titanic. I was really disappointed with Titanic. Rose annoyed me to the max, it went forever, and all the cool characters died. Major let down if you ask me.
Yesterday we went shopping, which is never a bad thing, and came home.
How was your weekend?

Frangipani Princess xoxo


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