So far from ‘well’ I can’t talk about it…

If feeling 100% is perfect health, then right now I’m feeling -54689% I had a sore throat when I woke up this morning (which led to far less talking in class, and Hayley’s boyfriend announcing that I need sore throats more often so I shut up) and it has progressed to a cough, sneezing and general feelings of crapness.
I’m pretending it’s not so bad though, because tomorrow afternoon we are going to Melbourne for two nights (shopping all day Friday!!) and then on Saturday I’m going to Albury with Toong and Mallory for Mal’s (very) belated birthday party. Her actual birthday was in July, but this is the first weekend we’ve all been free (and even now Charlii can’t come). We’re staying at her sisters house and going to see High School Musical 3, just for fun.
So yes, if I let on I’m feeling really sick, the lovely parentals might cancel everything 😦
Tomorrow is Orientation day for the year sixers at our school. I can’t believe it’s been two years since mine. It’s funny, now everyone in my year is saying ‘Oh no! Not the little kids. They’re going to try and take over everything! They think they’re so fabulous…’ when two short years ago, people were saying that about us.
Golly time flies when you’re having fun =)

Frangipani Princess xoxo


2 thoughts on “So far from ‘well’ I can’t talk about it…

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