It’s called ‘the pampering session’ for a reason…

This brings a whole new meaning to the downfall of our economy. People wonder why we are all in debt, and maxing out our credit cards daily, but all they need to do is look in Hapers Bazaar for the problem.
This page is part of a fashion spread. In all the other pages, there were $11,000 coats and $15,000 shoes but falling on this page, I wondered how, if she’s wearing no clothes could it be expensive. Oh boy was I thinking incorrectly. She is wearing two rings and a bracelet. You may not believe me but the sum of the prices of her jewellery is $1,312,050 and no, those commas are not meant to be full stops. The bracelet is $49,200 which is more than an average family car costs. The white gold and diamond ring is $12,850 which could buy you a very nice overseas holiday. How much did the diamond and platinum ring cost, you may ask? A whopping $1,250,000. In most places, that’s a very nice house, or a lot of cars, or a tertiary education, or full schooling at one of the better private schools in the country. How can someone spend that on a ring?
It’s sad, that’s all I can say to explain it. Very, very sad.
Love and stupid prices,
frangipani princess xoxo

2 thoughts on “It’s called ‘the pampering session’ for a reason…

  1. i agree. very sad. i hate overpriced stuff, what a waste of money. i mean, you don’t wear platinum and diamond rings everyday, so why spend so much moolah on something you will rarely wear? thrift stores, vintage stores, and just regular stores in general have much better stuff for reasonable prices, and most of the time, they look so much better!

  2. Clare’s engagment ring is white gold and diamond and it only cozt $2500, i realise it porbably has a lot less diamind in it but still… Bridget’s and mum’s wedding rings cost like $160 or something.. I don’t see the point. The most expensive shoes I saw on SATC were $525 or something.It’s all ridiculous, I’m all for being one of those people who spends hundreds of dollars on clothes and shoes (Maybe a few grand on an engagement ring but thats all), but tens of thousands and millions are ridiculous.Did you know Some guy (i think it was the guy she married twice) bought Elizabeth Taylor a necklace for a million.And that’s one of the reasons I hate fashion magazines. It’s all to show you what you can’t have!Xoxo.. Toongen..

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