November Dolly…

For the last few months, Girlfriend has been the mag that has driven me mad. As it improved this month, Dolly has gotten worse. Much worse. The editorial content was pretty dodgy, the fashion and beauty had all been seen before and the layouts are really bad. Still, after spending $5.60 on the issue, I decided I may as well review it for you:

When I first saw the cover, featuring Miranda Kerr with a fluro orange, yellow and blue colour scheme, I hated it. Not as much as I hated last months Amanda Bynes featured red number, but it screamed tacky. It has grown on me, but the girlfriend cover is so much nicer this month. The cover lines scream things such as ‘Your summer lovin’ sorted’, ‘145 hot cossies that will melt his magnum’ and ‘Why don’t mine look like hers (pointing at Miranda’s boobs)? The A-DD of all things boobs’. Tacky.
Letter from Gem:
Gem’s letter is just rambling about Miranda Kerr. Nothing we haven’t heard before (Miranda was discovered by dolly in 1997 etc). It’s got the same layout as last month, which I’m really not fussed about. And it has the annoying iPod playlist thing again.
  • Life’s a beach.
 A quick article with do’s and don’ts of beach chillaxing, and also the different kind of guys who hang out at the beach. Mini quiz down the bottom, ‘what’s your must have beach accessory?’
  • Be a better you.
Quick tips on subjects such as ‘be a better person’, ‘be a better girlfriend’, ‘be a better friend’ and ‘be a better daughter’.
  • Parents who party too hard.
I’m so glad this isn’t my parents. It’s an inside look at alcoholic parents, and parents who party waaaay too hard. It’s kind of creepy if you ask me.
  • Toys of summer.
This five page spread has the best layout and is my favourite in the magazine. It has all the coolest technology for summer, including iPhones, nintendo wiis and lapotops.
  • Have your hottest holiday ever.
This is a pretty tacky article. How to hook up with your summer crush, how to get him to ask you out, the new flirting rules and the hottest summer date movie all feature.
  • Friend Helpline.
How to help friends when they’re sick, they’re parents are going through a divorce, and other like situations.
  • Health Rules (you’ll want to stick to).
Basically fun ways to stay healthy, by making excercise enjoyable and startine now!
  • Are you dying for a tan?
 This article hits close to home for me. I have been known to get sunburnt, I got a really bad sunburn on Sunday. Growing up on the beach, I’m also not stupid when it comes to sun-safety. I know that you should always wear spf30+ sunscreen and slip, slop, slap. This article is a look at skin cancer and sun protection. Very good read.

Other cool layouts/ads:

The issue was average to bad. I might have enjoyed it more if I lived near a beach, or if it was actually summer, not the start of October. 5.5/10. Buy it if you really, really, really want to know how to flirt on the beach.
Love and slip, slop, slapping,
frangipani princess xoxo

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