I’ll take the cancerous mouth please…

I was standing in line at IGA a moment ago, when I overheard what was making the line take so long:

Cashier: Here you go

Woman: No, I don’t like that one.

Cashier: What about this one?

Woman: No, that makes me feel sick.
Cashier: This one then?

Woman: I suppose it’s the best of a bad bunch…
The woman was buying cigarettes, and picking the packet she wanted, based on the gruesome warnings they flaunt.
The thing is, if you’re going to smoke anyway, why worry about the pictures? It’s not like they’re lying to you. Smoking gives you cancer. Smoking harms others around you. Smoking clogs your arteries. There’s no tiptoe-ing around the simple facts. After the woman got her cigarettes (I believe she picked the packet with the cancerous mouth), she had a conversation with the man in front of me:
Woman: I know that it can happen, but I really don’t like the artery pack.
Man: (buying VB and cigarettes) That’s why I drink AND smoke. They kind of cancel each other out.
Woman: I totally know what you mean. But neither is going to kill me.
Man: Well, the beer will probably get me before the smokes, so hopefully liver failure before cancer.
Woman: I was thinking peacefully in my sleep at ninety, but your way sounds good too.
I don’t really know where their logic came from, it didn’t make much sense to me, but they appeared to get it. My logic is simple. Don’t drink in excess. Don’t smoke. Ever. Eat healthily. Live a long life. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s the people who live like that who die of cancer at young ages while the drinkers/smokers live long lives. Life is so not fair sometimes…
Love and healty living,
frangipani princess xoxo

3 thoughts on “I’ll take the cancerous mouth please…

  1. that’s so sad to hear! the conversation the man and woman had, i mean. it’s so sad because people know the dangers of it, but just dont wanna get out of it. 😦 it also sorta applies to people who choose sin when there’s salvation given freely from our Maker. ah well, such is life. we can only pray and do our best to be His testimony! 🙂

  2. I dont get it. It’d not like you have you t look at the pictures Go get a cigarette case then you only haveto look at the pic for like 2 scond before you thro it away. Plus, its not like you’ve never seen the pictures before.BTW, do I by any chance now these ppl??Xoxo.. toongen..

  3. That is quite possibly the most absurd conversation I’ve ever read in my life. How they can be so…ARGH. It really angers me. I’m one of those rare teenagers who, though on the cusp of adulthood, has yet to drink or smoke yet, and never plans on doing it. It disgusts me that people willfully abuse their bodies. And you made an excellent point about the rationally-minded people being the ones to die early. My grandmother died at 68 of cancer, having never smoked or drank her entire life. Yet I know of people who live much longer who heavily smoke. You’re right, life isn’t fair. Your blog just reminds me of how angry I get about the mentality of people, especially today’s teen culture. I’m in Year 11, and I’m definitely in a minority by not drinking or smoking. Most of my year level drinks, and quite a few smoke. Many of these girls have been doing it since they were about 14. I don’t understand its appeal, and after all that is drummed into us, why it is still seen as “cool”. Because, really, it’s only the “cool” and “popular” people that do it. What I’ve always wondered is, does drinking and smoking spawn popularity, or is popularity dependant on drinking and smoking? I leave you with this thought. Excellent blog.

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