November Girlfriend…

In 1988, everyone was watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Beetlejuice, listening to ‘I should be so lucky’ by Kylie Minogue, Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ was a top selling album, mobile phones cost $4300, Neil Patrick Harris was a heartthrob (he’s gay!) and girlfriend magazine first appeared on our shelves. It’s pretty crazy to think that this month is girlfriends 20th anniversary. It has seen hundreds of trends, celebrities and fads and featured them all. Just like in their eighteenth anniversary issue they have some old covers pictured. Some of them are so bad, but I probably shouldn’t say that because in a few years people will be saying that about todays magazines. Speaking of covers, this month’s is a vast improvement on the last couple. Indiana evans is covergirl, and although I haven’t seen much from her since she left Home And Away, she is apparently about to star as a mermaid on H2O:Just Add Water. Big career move. I love the cover colours, and Indiana looks fabulous.
Ed’s Letter:
In her letter this month, Sarah  reveals she is older than I expected, if twenty years ago she had her first ‘serious’ relationship and they would go two suburbs away from school to catch the bus. I was thinking she was twenty-somethingish, but I know that even at ten my mum wouldn’t have let me catch the bus two suburbs away from school (when I didn’t need to) so I’d say Sarah is in her thirtys. Who would have guessed? Her letter is full of memories from 1988 and diary entries. It has a cool layout and is an interesting read.
Cool Reads:
  • 20 things only teens can get away with. This list includes things like ‘wearing pigtails’ and ‘calling your parents mummy and daddy’. I don’t agree with the last one, they say that unless your an heiress you shouldn’t (they forgot english women. They always say daaaaddddy) but I think I still will =)
  • 20 things every smart girl should know. Includes ‘get 9.5 hours of sleep a day’ and ‘crash diets don’t work’.
  • Shopping High. An inside look at compulsive shopping.
  • Seeing Double. An article on twins (fraternal and identical) which interviews twins and sees what they like most about being a twin and whether they have any cool powers.
  • 13 bits of useless trivia. Compiled by beauty ed Sarah Tarca, this is my kind of article. With facts like ‘All cheerleaders were originally men’ and ‘Groak is a real world’ it guarantees a laugh.
  •  Fashion- Lisa reports on the A-Z of fashion coolness. Her twenty-seven fave fashion trends this month basically. Nothing we haven’t read before.
  • Beauty- Sarah writes about freckles. What causes them and what you can do about them, as always a good read.
  • Entertainment- Rob’s blog is always one of my fave parts of the magazine. This month, he is moving in with his girlfriend so he has a whole heap of junk you can win, but you have to give him something in return. Some of the things you can win are ‘The Luscious Jackson Greatest Hits CD’ and ‘The Closer: Season 1 and 2’. He isn’t shy in telling us how bad they all are ‘Today calls the show “stellar”, I call it “Two scoops of boring with a side of snooze!”.’
  • Reader- I don’t mean to sound mean, but I really don’t like Tiarna’s writing. This month she is all over the place, starting off by talking about a new laptop, and finishing off by comparing her music collection to Katherine Heigel’s dress collection, with a whole heap of rubbish in the centre. Don’t bother with this page.
  • Technology- Tom goes into the mind of a cyber-bully this month. As always, an informative read.
Pretty Layouts/Ads:
Overall, this issue is a vast improvement on the last couple. 8.5/10. If Sarah Cornish and her team keep up this level of amazingness, all will be well in teen glossy land…
Love and pretty magazines,
frangipani princess xoxo

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