A small brick…

I need a new phone. My current phone is a hand-me-down Nokia 6600 from 2003.

It’s an awesome phone, except for the fact it has no mp3 and it the size of a small brick. I am not joking. I have been meaning to get a new phone for ages. I played around with a japanese hello kitty phone for a while, it was cute, except for the fact it had no dictionary text and didn’t really like being covered in water on the way to sax. Whoops.

 I really want an iPhone. I need a new iPod as well, so why not? One of the kids we met at state TOMS had one, and he said it was really cool, but a boy in my class has one and he hates it. It was fun to play around with one, and it has rad features, but it is really exxy. Do you know anyone that has one? What do they think?

The other phone I’m looking at is a palm centro, pre-paid on telstra. It looks really rad, and has most of the iPhone features for a lot cheaper. I don’t know anyone who has one, so I don’t really know what they’re like. Do you know anything about them?

I really want a phone that not many people have. Everyone always has the same phone. Last year it was the motorola razr/V3s and this year its those really annoying, brick looking, blue/red telstra phone. I know they both were cheap and had pretty good features, but I want a different phone! It really annoys me that all the cool phones aren’t with telstra. I could swap, but I would miss one cent text dearly, and we don’t get much reception here, no optus, a little bit of vodafone, and really only next G, which I don’t have.

Next G would be the selling point on the iPhone for me. The palm centro doesn’t have it, and I need to text people!
So not addicted…

Love and new phones,
frangipani princess xoxo

2 thoughts on “A small brick…

  1. I think you should wait just a little bit longer if you want an iphone, til the upgraded version arrives.I’m heartbroken to hear about the hello kitty phone of yours, R.I.P.check our blog!xoxo bellaPS. see you in seven days!

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