On Tuesday I’m going to the Melbourne show. It’s a school thing that unfortuantely, my parents have organised. My brother is leading steers from Sunday, and they wanted to go and watch him but didn’t really want to take time off work, so voila! An excursion was formed. It was by invitation only in year eight and ten, and first in best dressed in year nine. I think fifty kids are going all up. I love going to the show. I have been to the Melbourne show every year since 2003 for at least two days (this year excluded) and I have also been to the Sydney show, twice in recent years, but a lot more oftenly when I was younger. My favourite thing about the show is the showbags. I find rides a waste of money and they always leave me feeling sick. The animals are ok for about five minutes before they start smelling and you get bored. Yawwwwwn. But showbags! They’re so much fun to pick out, and if you pick a good one, there’s lots of things to sort through and look at. At the royal shows, they don’t have those silly ones full of lollies no one ever eats. They have awesome ones! My short list this year is:
Hello Kitty
I’m not seriously going to buy this showbag. It’s a beer one, and it costs, wait for it, a whopping $10000. No Joke. As in 10×1000 dollars. Who would pay that much for a show bag?
Love and showbags,
frangipaniprincess xoxo

3 thoughts on “Showbags…

  1. Whatsup, Australia… just passing through for a moment, but to honor your request above…”if you have a website/blog leave a link in your comment”This is the link to the ranch’s blog.Drop in and see us at the ranch sometime. Until then, Adios.

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