October Teen Vogue…

Teen Vogue does not disappoint smell wise this month. I believe the perfume samples included are Chance Chanel Eau Fraiche, Coach Legacy and Jean Paul Gaultier Madame. Very yummy smelling. But as soon as I open the mag, I was hit with another double page ad from Marc Jacobs, again featuring a guy. Can’t he just be normal for once?
Other than the ad, the only other annoying part of the mag was the cover. Zac Efron is so 2006! Couldn’t they have picked a nicer celebrity? And it’s their ‘young celebrity issue’. The Jobros would be much better! The colours are ok, but all the magazines lately seem to be featuring yellow (which is not a flavour!), orange and red. So over them. Anyway, moving on to the actual mag. This month, I’ve decided to review Teen Vogue differently. Normally, I go through articles etc, but as Teem Vogue doesn’t have many I’m just going to post pretty pictures and main points:

So it’s got some awesome ads and layouts, it smells fantastic and the few reads that are in there are pretty cool. The only real downsides are Zac Efron on the cover and the Marc Jacobs ad. And even that is cool in it’s own wacky way. Because of this, I’m giving it 9/10, buy it if you can =)
Love and awesome magazines,
frangipani princess xoxo

5 thoughts on “October Teen Vogue…

  1. urgh zac efron has always grossed me out just a little bit. A guy who’s make-up is more obvious than mine? no thank you!oh and frangi, the reason everything is all red, yellow and orange is that it is autumn in America and the layouts and colours reflect that. Great review- i wanna buy the mag now! xoxo

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