A convenient bush!

We just got home from the state finals of Tournament of the minds in Sydney. It was so much fun, we made awesome friends, and we came equal second! In the state! We don’t get to go to the Australasian finals, but the team that won (Hunter Valley Grammar) was so much better than us. The question was (in brief):
It’s the year 2108, and the leaders of Nekkaton are facing a major threat, and it all stems back to a decision made in 2008. You are to determine the threat and what happens next.
In the HVG play, when they went back in time there was always a bush to hide behind, so they said (and now we say) ‘Oh my gosh! A bush! How convenient!’ And then they put their hands over their face in a bush movement.

 It was so awesome! In our play we had a ‘blue hole’ which was basically a controlled black hole for all the pollution, but in the year 2108, someone misread an article and thought it was going to destroy the world. We went back in time and stopped the blue hole, but it turns out we destroyed our world from pollution anyway.
It was so much fun, we had the absolute best weekend! I can’t wait to win again next year and make it to Australasian. Jokes. The only bad part was the only proper food I’ve eaten all weekend was McDonald’s. Last night for dinner, our accommodation fed us glowing pink (we think) processed chicken. So. Gross. The Mid North Coast was also staying at the accommodation with us, and I used to live there. And my pre-school teacher was there! I haven’t seen her in ages. It was awesome.
I’m so tired now, but I’ll post pics and more later.

Love and awesomeness,
frangipani princess xoxo

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