Miss Sixty…

Continuing with yesterday’s fashion theme, I thought I’d post some more awesome outfits. All pictures are courtesy of style.com
Miss Sixty SS09. Loving how effortlessly
chic this outfit is. Visor+bag combo is very
I love the shoes, scarf and hat in this outfit
It looks like something that you would actually see
people wearing.
Unlike this outfit. It is very cool, and looks awesome,
but would you actually wear it?
I love the colour of the playsuit in this outfit.
The bangles and bikini also ad a splash of
something rad as well.
Loving the skirt, bag and peep-toe boots.
This outfit just looks amazing. Boots
add a splash of colour and tie adds quirkiness.
Very retro dress. Love matching bag
as well.
Love the flowy dress! And yellow socks
with the sandals. Very rad.
Ohmygosh I love the brown playsuit
+ pink beret combo!
Casual, flowy look. Love the colours.
So gorgeous!!!
I WANT THIS DRESS! And the hat ties
the outfit together pretty well, as well. Ooh!
And the shoes…
This dress is the same patternish thing as
the one above, and I love it just as much.
I want that bag!
So I’m pretty much obsessed with Miss Sixty. I went on their site (http://www.misssixty.com/) and as expected the clothes are pretty expensive ($100+ for a shirt). It’s weird though, it says they don’t ship to Australia, but when I look in the list of countries that you can sign up for an alert when they do ship there, Australia isn’t on that list either…
Love and Miss Sixty,
frangipani princess xoxo

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