Let’s all take a deep breath…

Calm down, and look at some pretty layouts and ads from magazines…

Pretty Smiley layout from Dolly
Awesome ad for Marie Claire in Famous. Read it, it’s clever =)
Back cover of famous. Pretty, pretty.
 This ad was in famous, and it is just another example of
over-sexualisation in the media. Hello! It’s an ad for hair
care and she’s in a see through top and bra! I know the
product is ‘bed head’ but still. I spose it just really proves sex
sells. I’m going to do a bigger post on it tomorrow.
from style.com. Gorgeous clothes from DKNY
SS09 collection. Loving the yellow runway.
Awesome combo with dress and high-tops.
Another from DKNY. Loving the chilled look
of the body suit, with the stripy top and high
top shoes.
Still from DKNY, but different from the other two.
I am in love with this outfit!!
DKNY. Again, in love with this outfit!
Still from style.com, but this is from Miss Sixty SS09.
So randomly put together, but so amazing!
Miss sixty. Loving the visor in this outfit!
I could go on forever posting awesome outfits/ads/layouts but I must go to bed. I shall post more tomorrow. Hope they make you feel all warm and fuzzy =)
Love and awesome pop-culture,
frangipani princess xoxo

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