An ode to Laura…

In life, there is always someone (or a few someones) out there who know you like no-one else. Who know what you feel, who know you better than you know yourself. We call these people best friends. You know who I mean. The ones you have traditions with. The ones you have inside jokes with. The ones that make you feel all warm and fuzzy just by being there. The ones that if a stranger looked on, they would think you were total weirdos, but you’re not. Well, maybe just a little bit. Although you may call many people your ‘best friend’ throughout your life, you know in your heart the ones that will stick around, through thick and thin, and always be there for you. I know I have told lots of people they were my best friends, but really only one sticks out in my mind, and I know she will always be there for me, although when I beat her at buzz next time I see her she might not feel the same way. When I moved almost six years ago, she could have forgotten about me, like most other people did, but she stuck by my side. And although she misses me like a baby monkey misses bananas and I miss her like a baby bird misses worms, we know that we will be crazy old ladies in our train hats and green moustaches scaring all the little kids. The only time I’ve ever been camping was with her, and the fact that it was in her backyard and we almost packed up and went inside in the middle of the night because of a scary cat doesn’t mean anything. I love you honey, and I can’t wait to see you again =)
But don’t think I’ve forgotten about everyone else! There are about three or four of my other friends that are my extremely close, amazing, ptuubi, pretty darn close to best friends. They are there for a laugh or a cry, they listen to me and we have crazy times. Although sometimes I wonder what our future will hold, I know that at least for the time being, these gorgeous ladies are there for me. Here’s a challenge:
I want you to leave me a comment telling me who your best friend is and why you love them so much. If you don’t have a ‘best friend’ write about your group, or pick one. I love friends =)
Love and scary spiders in the spa house,
frangipani princess xoxo

2 thoughts on “An ode to Laura…

  1. i’ve always told very close friends of mine that they’re one of my best friends, but I realised that there are so many of them, and that I don’t have a specific ONE best friend whom I can to about EVERYTHING. I have a group of very, very close friends, of which I confide only certain thing to each of them, because sometimes the other understands better. I’m so blessed to have these people around me, because I love them to bits! 🙂

  2. Well, a best friend’s only a best friend if you’re their best friend too!Sarsie and I are pretty tighttightest of all!but I still haven’t found my soulmate!BUTat vcass i feel this awesome connection with everyone!like i love being around them even when the times are down!And i reckon the more things you go through with someone, the closer you get (depending on the experience) — that’s why i feel like my friends at vcass will be for life – we know each other at our worst, and we still stick together! the best ones are the ones u can tell everything, fight with, forgive and be forgiven by, and who appreciate you! i’ve gone through heaps of besties – but that’s what’s healthy! and the more u realize ur friendship with people, the more you can improve it or be thankful for it!hmm… was this a LONG comment by any chance??xoxo bellaPs. ur a great bestie george, wether it was to me, is to laura or anybody else in the future/past/present.. we’re all lucky to have/have had/will have you, and i’m loving you so much for being a part of my life XD xx

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