B is for Bike…

When I was in Europe, everyone rode bikes. Although they all used vespas, I’m talking about push bikes. My aunty who met up with us in Paris said that when she was in Copenhagen the week before she was almost run over numerous times by people on bikes, and I have to say I was too. They all looked so amazing, and although dangerous, there is no helmet rule in Europe so they all had hair flying out behind them and it looked simply rad. In Paris, and I think some cities in Italy, they have rent-a-bike stands all over the city.

Basically, you just have a special key cardy thing and then you pick up a bike somewhere and then can drop it back at any stand throughout the city. And the first half hour is free. It’s so cool, and helping to save the planet at the same time. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that some Australian cities are thinking of adopting this plan. I hope we do. At the moment, Melbourne’s streets look like this:
Whereas Parisian streets look like this:
And even though, yes, there are cars in Paris, most of them are Smart Cars, like this one:
Plus Paris has a super rad metro system (which I mastered!) where trains run on every line every two minutes, and is super fast and so pro the New York Subway people are now using their software.
Sigh. I wish Australia was more like France…
Love and Paris,
frangipani princess xoxo

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