October Girlfriend…

This months girlfriend features my least favourite teen ‘star’ Destiny Hope Miley Cyrus. They say don’t judge a book (magazine) by a cover, so I’m going into this review completely unfased by this choice…
As I mentioned above, covergirl is Miley Cyrus. Main cover colours are Pink, Yellow and Blue. They use a variety of fonts, but one that stood out to me was the ‘Juno’ font, which is used throughout Juno to mark the seasons. Very cool.
Eds Letter and front of book:
I’m still warming up to the idea of Sarah Cornish being editor, and she doesn’t do much for me this month, saying how much she loves Miley Cyrus and how she got her job. Yawn. Something interesting please? Also up front is Get-it-guide which includes a mini-interview with new designer Stacey and random happy snaps from the office. Trend Hunter has some random bands, celebs and websites, same as most months. Quick fix was a giant dejavu for me. I’d seen everything before, they even had a meet the characters from Family Guy. Hello? Isn’t that show ancient?
Blazers, Braided fringes (one of my friends rocks one of these so well!), pvc tights and urgh, sandals over tight jeans feature in glamouriser this month. Girl Crush is Gemma Ward, who I have always been a fan of, and then the inevertable. The Miley Cyrus interview. Skip over this if you’re anyone normal. Major fashion pages this month are Cory Kennedy (who is she anyway), art attack, ethnic/tribal (I have seen this everywhere) and americana. Lisa’s blog is on Copycat style, as in when your bff wears the same thing as you.
Josh Thomas writes the first feature on Super Awkward Situations. Still trying to work out who Josh Thomas is. Pledge this is the next article and it’s about purity rings/balls, a topic that has been in the media a lot recently. Celebs such as the Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez and (apparently) Miley Cyrus all wear Purity rings (abstaining from sex until marriage) but this feature is mainly on the American tradition of Purity Balls where, eek, your Dad goes with you to a ball where you pledge your virginity… Pop Culture, which is about Alcopops (cruisers etc) and written by erica is a really interesting read and it is followed by Dream Decoder, which is swear is featured every two months. It even has the same dreams in it. So over it.
Career spesh:
As year twelve students are looking forward to dreading their HSC, magazines take this opportunity to bombard readers with possible career choices and advice. As usual, there is the section on careers you never though of, careers you don’t need a degree for and feel good careers. Also, How to get a global education, and road to ruin have spreads. Stress free study and the Locales of Learning as well as glam jobs- fiction vs fact (I remember this from last year, same jobs featured but with different people) and so you bombed. There’s a career boot camp competition, where you can get a mentor from different careers to finish the special.
Gf Gets Real:
This is probably my least favourite part of the magazine. No offence, but I really don’t care if you had your drink spiked (there seems to be a victim every issue) or if your step-dad was on drugs. To be frank, I honestly couldn’t care less if you built a house for poor people. The worst part is, these stories seem to be multiplying. How embarrassment seems to have hilariously unfunny stories and your say is on uniform.
Gf Unwired:
I hate it when readers make the mag or have blogs in the mag. Seriously. It’s never as good as the rest of the mag (gf gets real aside). Tiarna’s blog this month is no different. No offence to the year ten student, but honestly? I don’t care if you wish you were Peter Pan. And I especially don’t care if you like Jackson Rathbone from Twilight. He plays Jasper for crying out loud! Jacob and Edward are so much hotter… Click it features career only websites (yawn)and Tom’s blog is on an interesting topic, Blue Snarfing. I researched it for my big brother speech, although I ran out of time to feature it, but basically, it’s people hacking your phone via bluetooth. Scary stuff.
Pretty Girl:
Hair plays a major part is beauty this month, which is ironic because Sarah Tarca’s (love her!) blog is on helping people with Cancer feel beautiful. Five ways to fake summer and Seeing red (white and blue) are the main features this month. What is it with the Americanisms this month?
Metro-station is the front page of boyfriend this month, and upon reading it many of my friends were suprised to note that Trace Cyrus, the lead singer, is Miley’s brother. Coinkydink that his band is featured the same month his sister gets the cover? In guyspace, Josh Ryan gets another column. WHO IS HE!!??!? This might sound really dumb, but it wasn’t until last week that I worked out ‘Guydance’ was a play on ‘Guidance’ and wasn’t pronounced Guy. Dance. I was wondering why it never seemed to make sense. Chemical Romance (apparently we’re attracted to guys with deep voices), study stud, Boy backtrack and All new first moves are the features, with hot posters of Zac Efron, Teddy Geiger (I haven’t heard about him in ageeees) and FOB making appearences.
Gf Guru:
Hang ups have the first feature, then So you think you can rock, Money, Body, Life and How to Sound Smart. People say I use too many big words, but it’s nothing compared to some of the sentences in this article. Sealed section is on girly-bits (their words, not mine) as well as the usual q and a’s.
Front Row:
The one saving grace of this months issue is that Demi Lovato is the ‘it-girl’. She is seriously awesome. Anyone who’s friends with the Jobros is awesome. Speaking of the jobros, their single ‘when you look me in the eyes’ gets four and a half earphones. Apparently, the single has been on top of the charts for ‘eleventy million weeks’. It all makes sense now. The reason Teddy had a poster is because he has a new movie called ‘The Rocker’ coming out soon. Duh. Wall-E gets five ice-cream cones so it must be good. I’ve only seen the previews and it looks pretty ordinary. Go figure. Celebrity Drop-outs get a feature, Britney Spears dropped out in year eight. I guess it pays to stay in school? Rob interviews Emma Roberts next. I’ve liked her ever since ‘Unfabulous’ first screened on the Disney channel, and I can’t wait to see Wild Child. A quiz on are you crazy in love and who would be your bestie in celebville follows (mine would be Blake Lively) before Rob’s blog. Hilarious as per usual. He drew it this month. Loves him =) Final page is GF loves, a top ten count down.
The mag was pretty ordinary this month, everything I’d read before. And Miley was on the cover. I keep getting GF and hoping it will redeem itself but so far, no luck. I’m going to make a deal, if it doesn’t improve in the next three months, I’m going to stop buying it, which I really don’t want to do. Please save yourself GF? All in all, I give it 4.5/10. Don’t buy it if you don’t have to. My scanners playing up, but pictures will be added later tonight…
Love and crappy magazines,
frangipani princess xox

3 thoughts on “October Girlfriend…

  1. Lol, you sure have a voice for hooking people [like me] in! I don’t really care much for Miley Cyrus either: she is so not even a big deal imho. Haha, METRO STATION. XD I honestly think that they only got famous because the lead is Miley’s stepbrother. The GF Guru section looks pretty interesting. 😉 And didn’t we all wish that we could talk like Veronica Mars?I’ll be sure to keep up with your mag reviews. =]

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