September Teen Vogue…

This might sound really weird, but I love the smell of teen vogue. It might just be because my copy has been sealed in it’s little plastic bag and flown here from American and the scent has flourished, but it smells so good. It’s because of the perfume samples inside, this months is Miss Dior Cherie, which is a personal favourite of mine. I really don’t like the cover this month. I’m really over Vanessa Hudgens, and it’s not a very nice shot. I do like the cover font though. Skip through roughly thirty pages of ads before getting to the contents page, which takes forty pages to get through (three pages of contents with a kazillion ads in between, mostly for stuff you can’t even get here.) Other than the really disturbing man ad I posted a few days ago, there’s another freaky one for Jesse McCartney and he has these five scary looking girls kissing him. I know he has a new album or something, but Jesse McCartney is so 2004/5. There are some really awesome Juicy Couture ads as well, including the back cover. All feature shades of pink and yellow, and one has two models with straws in their mouths, which are in perfume bottles (see below). Sorry for the dodgy scans, but yes the ad is meant to be that faded. Oh, and there’s another Juicy Couture ad on the inside of the one pictured, that has the slogan (on coloured surf boards!) let them eat track suits. Of all things to eat… After eighty-four pages of ads and contents we get to some features. First up is ‘Cover look’ which shows how they got the cover picture. As I mentioned before, I don’t really like Vanessa Hudgens so I kind of skipped over this one. Letter from the editor (Amy Astley) which is about pressure to perform. ‘People watching’ is next, which basically just has pictures of celebs/models at random parties and explains what they wore. Horoscopes, with a really bad picture of Rupert Grint (is there such a thing as a good one?), before ‘My world’ which profiles Hannah Bailey who was in a High school documentary which was cleverly called ‘American Teen’. Style blogger is up next and the topic is ‘Georgia Rules’, which is about Savannah College Of Art And Design, as well as Kira Plastinina, who is a 16yr old Russian designer. Music Blogger is about Beth Ditto, the lead singer of Gossip, some band I’d never heard, but my music knowledge is pretty limited, just ask Toong and Charlii. Boring feature titled ‘Rock the vote’ next, but you know the American election really doesn’t affect me. Girl of the moment is Eva Amurri. Why haven’t I heard of any of these people? Most awesome ad next to Girl of the moment, I don’t really get it, but the slogan is ‘Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?’ It looks really cool though. Talking fashion ‘You’ve got male’ is with Jim Sturgess. Again, don’t know who he is. Rad Havaianas ad (The ads in this issue are awesome!) before a few more fashion pages (I guess it is a fashion magazine…). Fall fashion guide A to Z follows, my favourite being L for Leather Leggings. Who wears leather pants? Let alone Leather Leggings! Ooh and Z for Zap! Pow! Bam! I have a soft spot for super heroes… People are talking about Emma Stone next, and urgh! Although it says she was in Superbad yet again I’m clueless… Then there’s technology and movie reviews. My digicam is featured 🙂 Ooh and the Jobros have a quarter page feature on their new album. Loves them! Beauty and Health takes up the next eight pages, but it’s nothing new. Cool fashion spread, followed by another, uh, more interesting one set in the Wild West. Think Pocahontas. The feature you’ve all been waiting for on Vanessa Hudgens is next, think pictures of her and Zac and High School musical references left, right and centre. An interesting article on ‘Breaking Point’ follows, and it has the raddest picture but I just unplugged my scanner. Whoops. Anyway, it’s about feeling super-stressed and why girls are more susceptible to it. ‘Up Next’ is on ‘Dark star’ Thomas Deeker, and some random chick whose mum works at Chanel or something… Shopping spree features things you can only get in America, but it’s a cool layout. Another mini fashion/beauty spread, before finishing on ‘Snapshot’ which features a random reader with cool style. Overall, teen vogue this month didn’t have as many articles as normal, but it had some pretty ptuubi ads. I love advertising in general, one of my favourite shows was the Gruen transfer and I will be posting some clips from there later this week. Anyway, for the September issue I give Teen Vogue 7/10, for it’s rad ads, cool smell and overall pinkness…

Love and long reviews,
frangipani princess xoxo

4 thoughts on “September Teen Vogue…

  1. I heard that orange joke ages ago, i think it’s a knock knock. i HATE vanessa hudgens, first time mitch and amy heard of her was when we stayed at amy’s house and her nudies pics were in zoo.. Anyway, since i skip the fashion part of mags usually, i don’t think i’d read this.xoxo.. toongen..

  2. omgosh i totally know what you mean about teen vogue’s scent!!! i loooooveee smelling it, too! my friends just give me a weird look when i tell them i like the smell of magazines… haha. lovely review, georgie. =) keep it up! and thank you sooo much for your sweet comments in my other blog! it’s a real encouragement.

  3. haha! teen vogue and nice smells – one of their ads for a dolce and gabana perfume had a sample. I told mum i reallllllllly liked it (i totally love it) and i got it for my bday! just a small bottle tho!if i hadn’t bought the mag i wouldn’t have it!very good reviewxoxo

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