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Minnie. Say hi to Minnie! Minnie and I have been friends for ageees, since our brothers became friends in, like Kindergarten. At her seventh birthday party, which was about a week before mine and a sleepover, the road back into town flooded and I was stranded for a night and a bit. Good times, good times. Anyway, Minnie is a very talented girl! She is a musician, and writes and performes all her own pieces. On her ep, ‘Days go by’ (which is awesome!), she played all the instruments heard. So clever. I haven’t seen Minnie since Christmas time, but have been talking to her recently. I thought she’d be an awesome person to interview, so all you readers can hear her amazing talent.

FP: What inspired you to start playing music?
Minnie: Probably my big brother Lee. He bought me a guitar when I was young and I always wanted to play like him. Also just hearing music and how interesting and so much depth and passion goes into it got me hooked onto it.
FP: Who are your biggest influences?
Minnie: Sarah McLeod, I saw her live at Smithtown Riverside Tavern NSW and the way she played that guitar was UNBELIEVABLE!!! I bought her cd, learnt her songs and next time I saw her live I gave her a video of me gigging and ever since then she has been my idol. We are pretty good friends now because of the music..Also Missy Higgins and Aimee Francis are really cool too
FP: Where is your favourite place to write music?
Minnie: Well I have this special spot outside my house and its kind of isolated but it has an awesome view of lots of land. Its really easy just to let it out there because no one can hear you because I live on 130 acres. Its just great to be able to sit there and let the words flow out and let the music have a mind of its own.
FP: What has been your biggest gig so far?
Minnie: Hmm…..biggest gig…Probably in front of 1000 to 1500 people but my favourite gig was in Sydney at The Bald Faced Stag..Heaps of people came down to watch me so that was really nice..I must say though its always good to play in front of your home crowd because they have seen me play for maybe 2 years and they are really supportive 🙂
FP: What do you feel has been your biggest achievement, musically?
Probably being picked with 3 other people for the Under 18s National Songwriting Competition. I entered it and it was a real shock when I got picked. I didn’t think i’d get picked out of Australia because there are so many under 18 musicians. So I think this is probably my greatest achievement so far.
FP: What is your favourite song that you have written?
Minnie: Well my favourite at the moment is a new song that I have just written around a couple of weeks ago. Its called Braindead. I haven’t recorded it yet but at my live shows people say its really catchy and its really awesome to play, but my favourite song that I have ever written is Incomplete because it was one of my first songs and the song really just in a nutshell means a lot to me.
FP: On your EP, you play all the instruments. What is your favourite instrument to play, and why?
Well although I love all the instruments I would have to say the guitar. Its probably my favourite because i’m always finding out new things to do on it and it just gets better and better every time I play it. Sure I like the drums alot but if I don’t have my guitar its like one half of me is gone. Kind of get what i’m saying?
FP: When you’re not playing or writing, what do you do in your spare time?
Minnie: I always love to beach it with friends, going to Splash at Crescent Head, surfing and running around at Port Macquarie playing cops and robbers (pretty funny) We just like to have fun thats about it 🙂
FP: Favourite memory of me?
Minnie: When we were walking around my brother (Max) and your brother (Jack) spelling supercallafregillisticeskpialodocious and we could spell it and they couldn’t. They got so annoyed 😛 That was a funny day. I probably can’t even spell it anymore haha
FP: Favourite quote?
On ya bike! Hahaha I don’t know..I have too many I guess 😛
FP: Random fact?
Minnie: Frangi and I used to go bowling!!!! 😛
FP: Anything else?
Minnie: Come back to Crescent!! And long live music!

You can find Minnie’s awesome music at her myspace and here. Support awesome talent =)

Love and funny memories,
frangipani princess xoxo

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