September Dolly…

I really don’t like the formal issues of magazines, for two reasons. One, at this moment in time I am no where near old enough to attend a school formal, and two at my school the ‘formal’ is a dinner with your parents. No fancy kids only dances or anything. This month’s dolly magazine is the annual Formal issue, so I only skimmed through most of it. It came with a ‘free singlet worth $19.95’ or something, but the shirt was a hideous excuse for an emo pajama top. Gem’s letter starts the mag and it has pictures of the staff members at their formals. They print pretty much the same photos every year. Dollywood next, with an article on Scarlett Johansson, who sports a really weird pose on the cover. Cute story on ‘Revenge of the Nerds’, I watched Juno on the weekend for the third time and it just cemented my love of Michael Cera. Fashion addict has ‘Cut copy’, ‘one frock three ways’, ‘style hook-ups’ and ‘My perfect formal dress for my body’. Again, disappointed they had no petite featured… ‘The smart girls guide to loving your formal photo’ and ‘All about apprenticeships’ up next, followed by ‘how to be more decisive’, ‘light bulb moments’, ‘How to ask the big question (be my date)’, ‘How real is reality TV?’, ‘The best sleepover ever’ and ‘You vs the world’. Fashion spread on formal wears, with some interesting model choices. A lot of Dolly Real reads as usual, including ‘let us play AFL‘ and ‘my mum and I both have epilepsy’. ‘Formal myths busted’ and ‘the parent trap’ feature before an interesting read with ‘How guys really feel about their bodies’. A quiz and then some more formal fashion shoots, before the beauty section (according to gwas today, much loved beauty ed Alexis Elia is moving on the Glamour magazine) which mainly features formal beauty this month. Some body happy pages next, including an article on braces (been there, done that) and an article on how to get fit for your formal. Horoscopes, and then a hot poster of the gossip girl guys. I was thinking about subscribing but this month the free gift is latte smelling shampoo. As much as I love my lattes, I really don’t want my hair smelling like coffee. Sealed section is on ‘The first time diaries’ and includes the usual question sections. Your space and OMG confessions follow and then Dolly Hype finishes the mag. Napoleon Dynamite’s formal is rated number one in the Formal countdown on the last page. All in all, if your formal is coming up (and you still read dolly) then this issue will be beneficial to you, otherwise, waste of money. Also, there’s a cover line that states ‘Texstrology: What does your mobile say about you’ but I can’t find the article. Is it a typo, or am I just missing something? 6/10 this month…

Love and dolly,
frangipani princess xoxo

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